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iAssay Receives Notice of Allowance for New U.S. Patent for Universal Portable Assay Device

SAN DIEGO, CA – January 29, 2019 – iAssay® Inc., a privately held developer of the world’s first open platform, point of care (POC) reader for remote medical diagnostics, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a Notice of Allowance for U.S. Patent Application 13/074,209. The allowed patent includes 66 claims relating to multiple types of patient tests, wireless communications, plug-in modules, and user guides. The patent application is expected to issue in mid-2019 providing patent protection into 2035.


“There is a significant unmet need in healthcare today for a single device at the point of care that has the capability to operate multiple different assay modules,” said Lonnie Adelman, founder and CEO of iAssay. “The development of the iAssay universal handheld diagnostic system has the potential to significantly reduce healthcare costs, simplify care providers’ work flow and ultimately improve patient care.”


The newly allowed patent claims cover the functionality that enables care providers to perform multiple type assay tests simultaneously by adapting POC test cartridges of various formats and technologies to one device. Claims also cover device wireless communications and plug-in modules that expand the hardware and processing capabilities of the handheld. Further, claims cover the capability to guide the care provider during sample collection and processing, including the ability to decide whether to continue a test or perform certain steps of a test based on interim results as the test progresses.


“This notice of allowance strengthens the value of our pipeline with near-term intellectual property protection and highlights iAssay’s innovation in a proprietary, multi-use diagnostics for point of care testing,” stated Adelman. “We are excited to be one step closer to bringing this groundbreaking innovation to caregivers.”


About iAssay
The iAssay® System is the world’s first open platform for wirelessly-connected point of care diagnostics. The functionality of a closet full of single function readers is replaced by one handheld device and adaptor plug-ins, to adapt nearly any point of care test cartridge to the iAssay System. The HIPAA-compliant device aggregates test/patient/wearable biometric data and pushes all data into the cloud. iAssay eliminates multiple daily trips with blood samples to central labs by testing the patient wherever they are. Testing at a clinic or at the patients’ bedside in a few minutes eliminates test result delays (and delayed diagnosis), eliminates sample handling and transportation costs, improves patient outcomes, and saves the healthcare system money.