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iAssay is Looking Forward to Meeting You at the La Jolla Playhouse Innovation Night

We are excited to share the stage with so many top talents in the innovation space. 

The patented iAssay® System is a handheld medical test reader. It is agnostic to test type, and features an expandable test menu for testing patients at point of care using a fingerstick blood sample or urine sample.  Flexibility by design enables tests for cardiology, hematology, OB/GYN, infectious diseases, oncology patient,  drugs of abuse, and now also supports COVID-19 diagnostic tests and Drugs of Abuse testing. One of the key features of the iAssay device is that test results are automatically transmitted to The Cloud for remote monitoring and reuse of the data. Please feel free to cruise through the iAssay website for further information.

iAssay will be present virtually in the Gallery at the Innovation Night.  iAssay has a limited number of FREE tickets available, so if you are interested, please get in touch ASAP at

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