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Our First Customer!

Dear investors, I am pleased to share some exciting news with you…We are no longer pre-revenue!

GattaCo, makers of next generation medical diagnostics and simplified sample collection and processing, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with iAssay enabling engineers and scientists to work together to integrate and optimize their products to provide accurate, enhanced rapid testing, including for COVID-19 antibody testing at the point of care. Digital test result transmission to federal and state agencies will be accomplished automatically via iAssay’s SimpleCloud™.

COVID-19 testing continues to be an essential service. SimpleTest™ automatically quantifies and analyzes COVID-19 test strips, then transmits the test results in real time to doctors, hospitals, and state and federal agencies. No more 3 day wait while your test goes out to the lab!

With your help we look forward to onboarding more partners and customers soon. We are asking you to please share our campaign at with your network and help us meet the ever-increasing need for reliable, rapid, and accurate medical testing.

My best,

Lonnie Adelman

CEO, iAssay, Inc.