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iAssay® Continues to Innovate and Take Interoperability in Healthcare to New Heights

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March 2, 2022

iAssay® Continues to Innovate and Take Interoperability in Healthcare to New Heights

San Diego— March 2, 2022iAssay has developed devices for the healthcare industry that already exceed the capabilities of currently available diagnostic readers. In addition, incorporating seamless connectivity to secure data servers ensures that data collected will conform to HIPAA requisites and can provide expedient real time information to medical practitioners.

Founded in 2014 by CEO, Lonnie Adelman, and located in San Diego CA, iAssay provides an interoperable system composed of a universal point of care diagnostics device and an iAssay developed AWS Cloud (SimpleCloudÔ). It dramatically improves medical testing by putting the lab in the palm of your hand.

iAssay’s patented designs are engineered for robustness and ease of use in all operating environments. The entire system solution automatically allows for ease of data collection and ease of information extraction by decision makers, greatly enhancing the quality of care for patients.

The iAssay® System is designed for use in Point of Care Testing (POCT) by healthcare practitioners wherever the patient is located: at the hospital, in remote field locations, doctor’s office, pharmacy, and at a patient’s home. Furthermore, the system facilitates FAIR principles.

Most if not all POCT devices are confined to an extremely limited set of tests for which they were exclusively designed. iAssay’s “open” system allows it to be easily adapted to all test vehicles (including those manufactured by 3rd parties) whether based upon optical, electrical, magnetic, or other technologies. This allows users to have more choices when it comes to tests that they can use, and even the price that they pay for a test. iAssay designs and manufactures the adaptors so that all tests are processed exactly as a third party manufacturer intends. Test results have been proven to meet or exceed the accuracy and precision as stated on the test manufacturers’ package insert.

iAssay’s wirelessly-connected POCT devices aim to empower the healthcare provider with flexibility, portability, connectivity, accuracy, precision, and space savings. Their devices offer accessibility at an enhanced efficiency level enabling  expedient decision making which ultimately saves more lives, and opens up a wide array of capabilities and possibilities never seen in POCT.

iAssay will be unveiling the SimpleTest 2 at the HIMSS22 Exhibition in Orlando, Florida from March 15-17 at Booth # 8140-22 in the Innovation Live Pavilion on the HIMSS22 exhibit floor. Check out iAssay’s website here: