POCT Manufacturers

The iAssay® System is a handheld ‘Open Platform’ for Point of Care Testing, including a Multipurpose Cloud Connection for HIPAA Compliantly Transmitting Aggregated Data

High quality point-of-care test cartridges already developed and commercialized by dozens of companies, and are FDA cleared and CLIA-Waived, are adapted to the iAssay® System with an adaptor module cooperatively developed with content partners.


Initial Target Market: Home Healthcare Diagnostics (Dx)

The iAssay® business model is as a ‘Consolidator’, since iAssay® replaces all the single-use test devices in the market. There is clear advantage to bringing many tests onto the iAssay® System, it provides a vehicle for running tests from many companies to produce test panels POC.

iAssay® is a powerful handheld Wi-Fi device

Open Platform – Universal test applications

Adapter Modules co-developed with diagnostics manufacturers that already have FDA & CLIA-waived tests (defined as the easiest/lowest level of complexity) in the market

Eliminates Current Problems:

  • Transporting patient samples
  • Noncompliance – patient misses lab visit for blood work

Instead, diagnostics are performed by a professional at in privacy of their own home



iAssay® addresses the $51.5B device market, of which Blood testing is one segment of the Home Healthcare’s Devices and Services Market.

This market’s growth is driven by the ageing population which will include 2 billion people by 2050 worldwide.

More people to service at home, less money can be spent for reasons including the U.S.’s Value based Payment System (VPS), but ideally available services cannot erode.


iAssay® increases efficiency and convenience, costs less, produces answers in minutes, and improves workflow