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iAssay is a UCSD MAE Corporate Sponsor

iAssay is proud to have been a Corporate Sponsor for the UCSD MAE 156 program. iAssay sponsored 4 UCSD Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Seniors’ capstone project. In addition to representing the Sponsor, it was my privilege to advise on the electrical and thermal engineering side of the project.

Our UCSD engineering team produced a functioning PCR machine adaptor that fits into a SimpleTest drawer, and was powered by USB 2.0.  This opens the door to molecular testing with iAssay’s SimpleTest device and SimpleCloud AWS Cloud. I know of no other point of care diagnostics device that can do a molecular test and another kind of test (like an antibody or rapid antigen test) simultaneously.

Our team graduates this Saturday, and we wish these talented engineers all the best in the future! Thanks for a job well done.

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