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Highlights for iAssay Exhibition at AACC 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting

Founded in 2014 by CEO, Lonnie Adelman, and located in San Diego CA, iAssay provides a cutting edge interoperable system composed of a universal point of care diagnostics device (SimpleTest 2(TM) and CyberReader(TM) ) and an iAssay developed HIPAA compliant AWS Cloud, SimpleCloud(TM). iAssay has continually innovated and provided reliable solutions and products around these platforms and has significantly enhanced the original capabilities. The organization continues to grow, now is a pivotal time to build new partnerships and businesses, and expand and capitalize on the game changing possibilities that iAssay has created in the healthcare industry. Investors have the unique opportunity to participate and prosper in this exciting future.

In alignment with growing and creating more awareness, iAssay held another highly successful exhibition, this time at the 2022 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting in Chicago, IL.

Please see a few highlights from the exhibition below:

  • Over 200 contacts gained, many with high interest.
  • Promotion of iAssay’s press conference at the AACC meeting, which resulted in two press meetings.
  • A video interview with (which we will share below).

iAssay’s full video interview with  is available by clicking here.

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