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iAssay SimpleTest Instrument Stacks-Up

As you know iAssay’s CyberReader™ and SimpleTest 2™ Point of Care Diagnostics instruments are connected to the company’s SimpleCloud™ data management Cloud. The instruments are assay format and technology agnostic and are fully capable of reading lateral flow-type Rapid Diagnostics Tests.

Recently, FIND, the global alliance for diagnostics, and the World Health Organization released a detailed document that defines operating parameters for electronic readers for reading Rapid Diagnostics Tests, and has requested comments from companies like iAssay.  I am happy to say that the current versions of the iAssay instruments and Cloud incorporates substantially all of the “Optimal” characteristics contained in FIND’s proposed document. In fact, the iAssay systems provide additional and important beneficial features that have not yet been incorporated into the FIND document. iAssay has submitted a reply to FIND’s request for comment.

iAssay is dedicated to providing optimal performance, and we applaud FIND, the global alliance for diagnostics’, and WHO’s efforts to produce a Standard that developers can use to produce effective and reliable systems so that patients benefit by having the best care wherever they may be.

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